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XLife - Extream Life Style

XLife - Extreme Life follower for P90X
Track your own workouts or track your P90X workouts

-You can set your weights and/or bands that you are going to use for you workout
-Chart your body(%, weight, and inches) and workout progress
-With the split option you can record your modified moves

First app that is tablet friendly

P90X is a trademark of Beachbody.

About the creators of XLife
XLife was created by P90X survivors.
We did P90X for our new year’s resolution for 2011 and completed it with some amazing results. While in the process of doing the workouts we started looking for apps to help us with the workouts. There are some good ones out there but did not do what we wanted it to do so we decided to take it into our own hands, thus XLife was born.
We Love to get input from users of xlife and ideas that you would like to see in the app. We are all about making it your app too so it can also help you get the best body of your life. Email us at support@microkick.com
XLife Versions
Version Features Description Date Market Availability
0.1 Initial Launch First go round of the app. More to come. Currently supports only the P90X workouts 10-1-11 Android Market
Amazon App Market
0.2 Bug Fixes - Plus added P90X+ added and some minor bug fixes 10-18-11 Android Market
0.3 Android 4.0 Fixed to work with the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) 12-29-11 Android Market
0.4 Bug Fixes - Changed layout for data edit Changed layout for data edit and fixed bug for android 2.1 1-26-11 Android Market
1.0 X2 Added Changed layout for Charts Thats right, up your workout with X2 and XLife. X2 added and changed layout for charts 2-12-12 Android Market
Amazon App Market
2.0 Timer, Abs and Sync/Backup Set up a count down timer for you workouts and now you can sync/backup your workouts with multipal devices Comming Soon